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MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM “A VERY MERRY MUSLIM” By Raheel Raza The last time I wrote a column about saying Merry Christmas without feeling guilty was a few years ago and I recall noting in conclusion that I hope I don’t … Continue reading

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Patrick Louch begins his message to me by saying “I was led to you..” But all of life is one leading to another

The Masks of God By Patrick Louch, July 23, 2007 Throughout the time of Humankind, peoples of every race, Believed in gods of every kind, Each with a different face.   At the core of each belief is myth, and … Continue reading

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Raheel Raza’s visit to Kanata United Church in Ottawa

Raheel Raza, noted author, journalist and interfaith advocate, was welcomed to Kanata United Church (KUC) on November 5 & 6. This event began a two-year interfaith program, ‘Living Together – The Children of Abraham: Jews, Christians and Muslims’. Raheel first met … Continue reading

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Is Political Correctness an excuse for avoiding Culturally Sensitive issues?

The Canadian Association of Settlement & Employment Workers hosted a Debate held at Yorkwoods Library Theatre on Monday Dec 6, 2010 THE TOPIC –  IS POLITICAL CORRECTNESS AN EXCUSE FOR AVOIDING CULTURALLY SENSITIVE ISSUES? I spoke in favor of the … Continue reading

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