Notes from a ninth of Muharram lecture by Dr Hasnain Walji on the topic of :


A single tear for transcendence…
•    Concept of time – Al Asr – how to use and not abuse time which is NOW, not yesterday not tomorrow but today – the present – that’s why it’s called “present – a gift”
•    There are 86, 400 seconds in a day – at the end of the day there are no credits left in the bank of time. How do we use that time? To chase after material things or to imbibe spirituality?
•    If we don’t act on life, life has a habit of overtaking us
•    To lead a fulfilling life we need
o    Moral consistency – balance
o    Compassion – to help empower others
o    Be YOU-nique – commit yourself to excellence – excellence doesn’t mean perfection because no one is perfect – we are only a work in progress – so work towards a good progress and live life with awareness of good and evil
o    Create meaningful human relationships
o    Have an attitude of gratitude – shukr is not just gratefulness but to learn to receive little and give more
o    Leave a legacy
“After our death do not search for us in tombstones of the graveyards,
But search for us in the hearts of people we have inspired”  Rumi


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