AN OPEN LETTER TO ALL CANADIANS – Canada is under attack!

AN OPEN LETTER TO ALL CANADIANS – Please forward this to CSIS, RCMP, your elected representatives and officials. From Raheel Raza

Canada is under attack. Since 9/11 and perhaps even before that, some of us Muslims have been insisting that Canada is not safe from terrorist attacks and that it’s just a matter of time. Yesterday we heard the shocking news that a Canadian soldier was run over in Quebec. Some people shrugged this off as the work of a mentally deranged person probably acting alone.
I was concerned that this response is too simplistic and reality is very different. Today another soldier was killed at the war memorial in Ottawa and our Canadian Parliament is under attack by one or more gunmen.
Events will unfold and Canada may go back to doing business in its usually politically correct way. In the meantime 90 known unsavory characters who wish to harm Canada and are known to the RCMP are still around. What are we doing about this?
As a Muslim whose faith has been replaced by an evil ideology, I can’t stand by idly and watch these events evolve when they have already been forecast not just by me, but by many others like me who are concerned about the security and safety of this land we call home.
Today we have two clear options. We can either continue to believe in the handbook titled “Radicalization for Dummies” and act vague and politically correct on clear indications of where the problem originates from, or we can take immediate action as Canadians. Otherwise rest assured the rabid ideology behind acts of blatant terrorism will only grow. And when that happens, please don’t come looking for ‘moderate Muslims’ as we have been saying this since a decade and continue to stand on guard for Canada but is anyone listening?
Here is what Canada needs to do.
1. Close all mosques for three months to have intense scrutiny on the Imams and their sermons in the past 3 months. This is not abuse of religious freedom – it’s to ENSURE that religion can be free and survive in Canada while protecting the country.
2. All Muslim organizations (including mine) should submit detailed financial statements to show where their donations are coming from.
3. Put a moratorium on immigration from Muslim countries for a set period till matters here settle down. Anyone wishing to partake in armed Jihad abroad or proven to be returning from such a venture, needs to have their citizenship revoked and given a one-way ticket to the country of their choice as soon as possible.
4. Islamic schools need to have accountability and if their syllabus shows even an iota of hate, they should be shut down.
5. The Islamists calls for un-reasonable accommodation like face covering, special prayer spaces, Friday prayers in public schools should be taken with a pinch of salt and instead of just giving in to these demands, there should be a body of well-informed Canadians discussing and debating these issues in light of Canadian values and norms.

We know that the new enemy is an ideology and we have to defeat it in the way communism was defeated. Not by targeting the faith, but by targeting those who are using their faith to promote subversive agendas of violence and terrorism. This has to be done with active participation of government and citizens from all walks of life without resorting to hate and bigotry.

We need to expose, educate and eradicate.

About raheelraza

Author, Public Speaker and Human Rights Advocate
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54 Responses to AN OPEN LETTER TO ALL CANADIANS – Canada is under attack!

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  2. Daralherb says:

    You should chastise the Chief of Defence Staff for recently stating in a communique to all DND personnel for parroting the mantra that ISIS has nothing to do with Islam recently. He had to state something before sending CF-18’s to the ME. If a non-Muslim were to question such a thing, they’d would be automatically labeled a “racist”, and if they’re a serving member, they’d be put on a remedial measure and their career would be put on hold or ruined or they’d be dismissed from the service.

    And I’m sure, the recent event on Monday and today will also Parrot the same PC moral relativistic mantra from the Chain of Command, who are made up of mostly officers who were brought up on a diet of Liberal politics based on the Multi-Culti model of existence.

  3. mjrken says:

    I’m not sure that your suggestions go far enough. The root problem is Islam. It has always been a violent religion and where ever there are Muslims, violence soon follows. To simply close Mosques for a few months and make sure imams and to preaching violence will accomplish little. In fact, it will reveal that the vast majority of imams have not bee preaching violence and be used to show that Islam really is a peaceful religion – thus lulling the public back to sleep while Muslims grow in numbers and power, waiting for the day they can fully enact the dictates of the Koran. The only way to really solve this is the total eradication of Islam, but unfortunately our governments will never back that and the problem will continue until we are all under the Muslim boot.

  4. inzion says:

    I would add: stop the lie of calling Muslims as Palestinians and restore the 3,000 year names of Samaria & Judea from West Bank. These are covert genocidal falsehoods and exposes the devils.

  5. curtis says:

    a muslim problem should be solved by muslims. Isn’t that so

  6. Reblogged this on Mohammad S. Zafar Blog and commented:
    All mosques breeding terrorists should be ceased and handed over to the Liberal Muslim Organiations

  7. Deborah says:

    Hear, Hear ! I like your comments, they make sense. Thank you for shedding a different
    light on a very difficult situation.

  8. Please add, explaining difficult parts of the Quran without getting emotional or accusing the questioner of ripping stuff from the context without giving the explicite context afterwards,
    and the most important, if you are not able to explain difficult stuff, then be ready to delete the stuff from your Quran, and rest assured, that the nonmuslims don’t care if you think you can’t do that, because it is Allah’s holy word or something like that.

  9. TeeJay says:

    Thank you for this prescription. You are very courageous!

  10. Ghulam Mohiyuddin says:

    Raheel Raza, while she is right about the perils Canada faces from Islamists, is recommending steps that are in direct contradiction to what Canadians were saying yesterday in the wake of the attack on Parliamnet. They say that Canada is an open society and they want to keep it that way. They do not want to see any curbs on personal freedoms that Canadians enjoy. Law enforcement agencies should be able to contain and eventually eradicate this threat. The kind of panic that Raheel Reza displays is a gross over-reaction.

    • Lynne Marton says:

      And your declaration that ” The kind of panic that Raheel Reza displays is a gross over-reaction.” is pure and simple Taqiyya. We can’t keep on the way we are – she is totally right – and not exaggerated at all. Their numbers are growing at an alarming rate. Law enforcement is doing nothing til something happens – and then only the minimal. We all can see from the actions of the islamists that they have no intention of living peacefully in our Western Civilization – they are out to destroy it and all of us, and take over and rule with sharia law. They must be stopped by whatever means are necessary. Stopping immigration, deporting those who act against the laws of our countries – defying them in favour of their sharia laws, is just a start. To those who openly preach jihad – immediate deportation. And all of those – citizenship immediately revoked. For the ones born here that are islamists – deportation to the country of their ancestors – where that type of mindset is tolerated – because it is not acceptable here – not in any way. Canada offers a home, security and a good life – we can not ever tolerate anyone who seeks to destroy that.

  11. Zafar Rahmani says:

    The author seems reasonable for the most part but counts communism as an evil ideology as ” Jihadi Islam” I wonder why?

    • Andy Taylor says:

      Possibly because communism only works on paper and in reality, subjugates the people. Canada must not seek to control the peaceful, law-abiding people, but only those who work toward her destruction. (silent jihad by population eclipse be damned).

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  13. Bev Comfort says:

    Wow…such logical thinking…only those wishing to hide something would object to these measures.

  14. lisa says:

    way to go Raheel, well said as usual. I will share this everywhere! Lisa H

  15. Penny Fulische says:

    I don’t want to live in the country you’re proposing. Our Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees that we won’t become as fascist as you suggest. If we followed your suggestions, we would look a lot more like the “enemy” – I’d rather maintain our distances. But while you’re at it, let’s get detailed financials from all churches and shut down Christian schools that preach hate.

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  18. lynn says:

    I agree totally.

  19. Brad B. says:

    This is all so powerful and people will think it is ridiculous. People will be scared of being labeled a racist. People will not understand. You will have to start the seeds of peace in your own communities first and trust the greater community to not assault you while you deal. The more you do on your end the less likely problems will occur as time passes. Learn the mistakes of others and just be open/honest.

    • Andy Taylor says:

      Abhoring a religion of a specific type is not racism. It is bigotry. I am bigoted against people who want to destroy my country, regardless of any other attribute they possess.
      However, I am not afraid of being called a racist, for I know otherwise. Of course, they’d best not say it to my face.

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  22. Watchdog9 says:

    Has anyone read or learned about the 1930s Germany? It all started with the Nazi ideology of a Super Race and descended into Terrorism against the “enemy” of the Super Race. Unless all Western Governments take immediate actions to eradicate the Islamists we are headed into another, and perhaps, final World War thanks to “Political Correctness”.

  23. jessetr says:

    Communism wasn’t defeated in the way you described. It failed because it was corrupted by totalitarians who stole from the people.

  24. Anita Vivier says:

    Thank you for this I feel so sad that Canada wont wake up. I want to avoid the situations that are happening in other countries ie UK SWEDEN NORWAY DENMARK FRANCE GERMANY AUSTRALIA etc.

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  26. Christian from Pakistan says:

    I thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for what you have written

    I know that this message is going to be a very late entry to your blog, nevertheless, my belated thanks are sincere

    I am a Christian living in a Muslim country, and every single day we Christians have to go through the gauntlet of insults, humiliations, intimidation and threats. Daily news of “force conversion” abound

    So many of my Christian brothers and sisters have died in the hand of the Muslim extremists but no one care

    Even when they burned 2 Christians alive inside a kiln there was still no response from the world media

    You are the exception, Ms. Raheel. You are a Muslim with a conscience. Unfortunately too many of your Muslim brethren prefer violence over humanity

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  28. Lance Colburn says:

    Why isn’t this for the love of God front page news ?

  29. Chris geshev says:

    This could not ever become a front page news, for it is too inconvenient for the media to accept that they are partially to blame for fanning the political correctness, and aiding and abetting the politicians who in their quest for votes will welcome the Trojan horse into our midst! Why would Zumera Ishaq miss the opportunity to take advantage of a Canadian welcome that would soon afford the same treatment to her come-uppins? Ones here, the likes of her get emboldened by the freshly discovered spoils of democracy, and pull out a list of demands that will spell the end of Canada for whom thousands have died defending, and herald the appearance of a new name on the world stage: Canadistan. Honour killings, stoning, and other Sharia barbarisms will undoubtedly follow soon after…Rejoice!

  30. Alex Owens says:

    Nothing will be done if the leader of this country itself has no guts to address the issue of Islam. The primary move of the PM is to import more, pray beside them and take tons of selfies hoping that Canada will be spare from an ISIS attack if he hug them with open arms and give them FREE stuff.

  31. Bob says:

    Oh- if only our political class could see beyond the politically correct
    vote-mining and protect all Canadians as is their obligation!

  32. Sigridur Sigurdardottir says:

    All western countries should heed the advice of Raheel Raza. The “rot” is inside the islamic countries, they all have to go inward and clean it from the inside out. All we western nations can do, is help those who flee from violence, cruelty and poverty in those countries. The muslims who want freedom and a chance at a better life without wanting to inflict their culture, religion and traditions on their new country, are most welcome. Those who move from islamic countries and insist on their cultural needs, religion, laws and tradition being met, should move back to their home country or never leave their country at all. We have our own culture, religion,laws and traditions that we treasure and we want our children to grow up safely within the societies we have built. We do not need people coming into our lives with demands, violence, hate and oppression.

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  39. Mitchell says:

    Sharia is radical islam. There can be no sharia in Canada or a lot of our father, grandfathers and great-grandfathers have died for nothing. Sharia is against all the freedoms that our soldiers fought and died for.

  40. Jean says:

    i heard that Canada will have attacks in 2017 God help us! i hope it’s not true.

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