Today is the first day of the month of Moharram which is the start of the Islamic New year 1437 according to the lunar calendar. Unlike many cultures, most Muslims don’t celebrate the New Year. Rather we remember the sacrifice of Imam Hussain in the plains of Karbala.
If we, as both Muslims and non-Muslims alike, study deeply and understand what happened in Karbala in the first ten days of Moharram in the year 680 A.D., it is not difficult today to understand the phenomenon of ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Taliban, the turf wars for hegemony between Iran and Saudi Arabia, spread of the Wahhabi ideology, the workings of the Muslim Brotherhood and their cronies in the West and hatred of “the other”.
Alas, how we have forgotten the true essence of our faith while leaning on the crutches of Islamist ideologies and how instead of worshiping the one true Creator, we have started worshiping today’s Islam.


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Author, Public Speaker and Human Rights Advocate
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1 Response to THE ISLAMIC NEW YEAR 1437 – OCTOBER 2015

  1. Nicole Breault says:

    Good evening Ms Razza. A short note to thank you for the wonderful and powerful work you do. High respect to you. Here is the results of this women been sweared Canadian Citizenship with her niqab. Well I learned through a reputable source in French Le Journal de Montreal that she is affiliated with some theorists and was also on the well reputated TVA nouvelles (News station) .. Its only in French … but i found a English video that explained similar.. Please can you take a look at it and enlight us …Thank you so so much. Nicole

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